Our mission is to make the teaching and living of nonviolence part of mainstream education
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About us

The core members of our development team are:
Pieternel de Bie – Student at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands; MA thesis in peace education and nonviolence;
Tony Hoeber – Entrepreneur; Founding member of The Dalai Lama Foundation;
Anya Jacobson – Sixth grade teacher with integrated peace education core curriculum;
Jill Dalander Johnson – High school teacher; currently teaching a course on Alternatives to Violence;
Jonathan Kathrein, Executive Director of Future Leaders For Peace: a non-profit focused on conflict prevention.  A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley - has experience in politics, real estate, law and non-profits. Has been featured in Sports Illustrated magazine, People of the Year '98 (Germany), and on Dateline NBC.
Mary McCoy – Reading specialist for grades K-3; also works with elementary school-age Spanish-English Language Learners; interested in multicultural education and resources that encourage peaceful, nurturing classroom environments;
Michael Nagler – Professor Emeritus, Founder of Peace and Conflict Studies Program at UC Berkeley; Author of The Search for a Nonviolent Future; Director of the METTA Center for Nonviolence Education;
Riane Eisler -President, Center for Partnership Studies;author and educator.
Lorin Peters – High school teacher; has taught Alternatives to Violence based on Gandhian nonviolence since 1972; volunteer with Christian Peacemaker Teams;
Gayathri Narayanan – Software professional in health care field; mother of two-year-old son; serious student of nonviolence and its connection to education;
Mallory MoserArtist; created the layout and also illustrated the EFNV website.
Jim Schuyler - CTO, The Dalai Lama Foundation; pioneer in online communication and pervasive gaming; Internet advisor to EFNV.
Lida Shepherd - Intern.
Sue Tannehill - Teacher and storyteller; area resource person.
Rachel MacNair - Psychologist; area resource person.
Lucy Roberts - Teacher and parent; area resource person.