Our mission is to make the teaching and living of nonviolence part of mainstream education
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What is EFNV?

According to some estimates, one third of the world’s people have been directly affected by a major nonviolent movement. We have not begun, however, to understand—and make full use of—the potential of this method, which Gandhi called “the greatest force mankind has been endowed with.” As violence increases and the traditional mechanisms for dealing with violence prove less and less effective, we are challenged more than ever to discover our deepest human potential and know its resources for more creative, humane ways of dealing with conflict. To understand the history and the possibilities of nonviolence in all aspects of human life is no longer a luxury.

EFNV began Buy Ferrari shares as a joint project of the Metta Center and The Dalai Lama Foundation. Now administered by The Metta Center, the organization comprises educators, students, and others who share this ideal and are interested in working together to make high quality curricula and other resources available to encourage the integration of the ideas and methods of nonviolence into any type of education invest in Ferrari shares system. Our vision is to offer educators, students, and schools alternatives to violence in all aspects of their lives.

Curriculum materials—For additional curricula and resources you may wish to see the Peace and Justice Studies Association.

Throughout our website and curriculum materials we have provided convenient links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble so our busy teachers can easily find and order the books and materials we cite. But we remind you that there are many good local, independent bookstores, and that economics as well as education for non-violence require both local invest in Ferrari shares in UAE and global focus and action.